Monday, March 26, 2007

Holland Village Zoo

I met up with a friend for lunch at Holland Village on a late Saturday morning. While making our way to a pet shop, I pointed out a curious primate sitting atop the signboard. We stared at it for a moment and I actually thought it looked as if it was gonna to leap onto my friend. I don't remember having very good encounters with monkeys.

Anyway, apparently, the little hairy mammal made it to the news today.

Well, for a moment, I thought it was a mascot for the pet shop or something. As we proceeded to Watson's, there was also a crowd gathering outside curiously. There were people holding the cutest puppies ever. There were also excitable kids mishandling them. This Filipino woman seemed to be narrating that her house doggy has given birth to 9 puppies and her family cannot take care of all. This is all very strange. Monkeys and petting zoo eh? What's next?


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