Friday, March 02, 2007

Queasy Greasy

Ugh. I am feeling an queer sort of sensation in my tummy and I do blame it on the various concoctations my neighbor has mixed up at his pad last night. His large assortment of alcohol, liquor and beverages probably provides him with endless permutations to conjure new cocktails. So, when he handed me a suspicious bloody-looking mixture and informed me "You know what? I just tikam and mixed it up anyhow.", I should be worried. But well, I drank it up anyway.

It was tempting to adjourn for more alcoholic indulgences to another condo nearby where his friends were gathering for some wine-tasting. "My friend has the best range of wine, you know!" he coaxed. Nevertheless, I have to do what I have to do. Important deadlines running all over my head. Ah, the stress. :(

Earlier, dinner was at Crystal Jade Xiao Long Bao with my JC mates. I am never a fan of Xiao Long Baos. To me, they are just like dumplings, albeit, drowned ones with soupy base within. Hee. The company of friends was awesome, and I had a great time catching up. It has been a decade since we last knew each other. How times fly.

Despite the freezing weather yesterday, Clarence, the c*ckest guy I know, decided to have ice cream after dinner anyway and insisted on sitting within the air-conditioned premises. What a considerate friend. In his defence, at least he offered to pay for dessert for us girls. We were speechless with surprise and decided to buy Toto for the weekend. Hee.

Well, still am contemplating on uploading the ridiculous photos we took. Hmm. Mmm.

All righty. What a fortuitous post. An hour more to the marathon of tutorials. Later, folks.


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