Sunday, February 11, 2007

Venturing Wilderness

For the Sunday's adventure, we delved into the wilderness up northern Singapore, specifically, the site of Kranji War Memorial. I drove along Woodlands Road for a good 15 minutes before making a wrong turn to the Singapore Turb Club, somehow ending up going towards Johor.

Well, entering Malaysia with a dog in tow is probably not an extremely advisable idea, thus I stopped and inquired a very helpful cab driver and subsequently muddled my way there.

Kranji War Memorial must be one of the forgotten sanctuary in Singapore. But being forgotten is probably a good thing. The place is peaceful, making it a very apt location for an everlasting resting place.

I arrived and was greeted by a strange sight of jack russells doing amusing acts of army crawl.

While waiting for our expedition to commence, naturally, I went trigger-happy.

Kingsley is my name, and frisbee is my game!

Molly Dolly - the object of Toto's lust

Well, Toto was berserk with lust for Molly. Everywhere Molly was, Toto would be right smack with his nose at her butt, totally forgetting the existence of his poor mistress. You see lah, when sons have girlfriends, they forget about mothers. :(

Vivien and her JRT babies

Me and Mister Toto

Ah, look who're frolicking on the green, green grass?

The ladies with the JRTs

Anyhoo, and so the adventure began.

Roll up the pants, and slush away...

Bring it on, we say.

Here is Molly Dolly, getting a helping hand.

After an hour plus long of trekking, we rewarded ourselves with an enjoyable feast at the end.

Here is Milo, one very knackered nut.

The ever-earnest Kaiser boy.

Vivien and Russell

Anderson and Milo

Woo. Playtime!

Ah, this is just the perfect way to spend a Sunday morning.

Before departing, here is the poor dejected canine boy, pondering upon how much he would miss the lovely Molly Dolly.


Anonymous kingsley said...

Wah.. toto doesn't have passport.. and even those with passport wait never chop also ganna jail leh!!

lucky nothing happened.

and btw.. just to state.. molly dolly didn't like toto at all!!!!


she likes ME!!!!

12:00 AM  
Blogger jellybeano said...

eh wah lao, kingsley, you so yayapapaya leh! she likes you, you also don't like her! you like oliver right?!

HEE HEE HEE. Ollie Ollie Ollie... woot.

8:44 AM  
Blogger manniqueen said...

no la...kingsley like Chester, that's why he's always "locking lips" with him!


9:30 AM  

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