Friday, March 16, 2007

Lights, Camera, Action!

Certainly, I am no culture vulture. Nor do I belong to the lofty, aristocratic, arty-fartsy sorts that delve into the intricate details of each masterpiece.

Nevertheless, I do indulge myself in dollops of the local arts scene. If I were to attend any theatre plays in Singapore, I always have a preference for local productions. My reasoning is that, if I wanted to catch popular overseas plays like "The Wicked", I jolly well catch it at Broadway itself. The local productions such as Magic Fundoshi and The Little Shop of Horrors were quite delightful, offering humor probably only we, Singaporeans, can identify.

Anyway, seemingly, our little (boring) red dot of an island is gradually steaming up in the cultural scene. First and foremost, my varsity is holding its annual arts festival with an avalanche of events.

It looks pretty interesting. The inner and well-hidden rock music appreciator in me was a little disappointed that I missed out on Electrico's performance. I think they are a terrific local band.

I was pondering upon attending Olivia and Friends for some bossa nova indulges, but I gave it a miss anyway. Oh, bugger.

Okay, so, probably the only dosage from NUS Arts Festival will come in the form of acapella performance at Amplitude'07 within the compounds of the University Cultural Center this Sunday evening then. Don't forget our date, babe.

Meanwhile, there are many other cultural events to take your dates to.

I was rather intrigued by the Crystal Mirror.

From the pictures, the setting looks resplendent and luxurious, replicating the style of an antique “Mirror Tent” from the 1920s with acrobats, singers, comedians, musicians and eccentric wait staff. Apparently, a 4-course gourmet dinner will be served, as well. Of course, the prices are quite exhorbitant and I wonder if they are worthy at all. Hmm.

The all-time favorite Phantom of the Opera is also currently playing. Apparently, the crashing chandelier is a favorite with the audience. Sadistic bunch of people, aren't we?

Last but not least, there is the very fiesty Pam Oei fronting the local production, Titoudao. There is Kumar in it so I bet it is gonna be hilarious!

Now, whoever said Singapore is boring?


Anonymous Toukarin said...

Heh. I watched Phantom back in NY at a discount... (read: still ex)...

The chandelier itself is a highlight because it's already hung from the ceiling right from the start (quite a sight to behold if you're seating at the circle seats) in all its glory...

I suppose Singaporeans just like seeing expensive things being destroyed. Maybe it bestows a power upon them beyond imagination. Imagine you could buy a tiffany ring and throw it away into the rubbish incinerator to see if it decomposes to carbon, or but a Ferrari and pay someone to crash it just to test its safety systems.

12:34 AM  
Blogger Megha Sharma said...

mba for working professionals
I assume Singaporeans simply like seeing costly things being crushed. Possibly it offers an energy to them past creative energy. Envision you could purchase a tiffany ring and discard it into the garbage incinerator to check whether it disintegrates to carbon, or yet a Ferrari and pay somebody to crash it just to test its security frameworks.

5:16 PM  

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