Sunday, March 25, 2007

Hot Dog!

I was so very tempted to join Joy and the other adventure-seekers in their trek of Jalan Lam Sam. My apologies, girl. I am certain you all had tonnes of fun! If you need me to recce the Kent Ridge Park site, do count me in.

Nevertheless, I decided to let Mister Toto have a little run-around himself at Kent Ridge Park. It has been some time since our weekly Kent Ridge Park routine and it is a bonus that Catherine could join us with the sweet, perpetually-worrisome Heidi.

Here is the pair, checking a sign post out.

Well, Toto is considered quite an old bird regarding this area so he is able to be all yayapapaya and strutting his stuff, while Heidi tags along. I bet he feels all important because when Catherine is trying to cajole Heidi to go down the steps, Toto went up and down trying to poke his big fat rubber nose in.

Looks who's checking out Toto's butt!

Black-and-white shot of my black-and-white boy

Little Heidi the shy sipper

After the doggies had their bit of exercise, we drove down to the pet event organized by CATs at the Stadium Green. Gawd, the sun was mercilessly scorching.

We settled ourselves down at a shady spot to have our lunch from the yellow arches, while waiting for our other canine pals to display their prowess at the respective Jumps and Pole-weaving competitions.

Here are the hosts of the event, one of whom is Patrick Wong. When we first got Toto, we trained under Patrick. He tried hard to convince the previous owner to let him adopt Toto. Anyway, it was painful watching him train Mister Toto and we opted out subsequently. On a totally irrelevant note, I think he looks like the Taiwanese Host, Jacky Wu.

Ah, right, here are the heroes, waiting to hao lian only. :P

..and our little canine hero impresses the crowd!

Well done, boy.

Here is Kaiser, taking a well-deserved break and pondering if he would ever be spared of working for his own feed.

Oh boy, 1st runner-up for Jumps competition!

Anyway, for the pole-weaving portion, my camera battery decided to die. I did take a video using my phone instead. Kaiser went on weaving, like, forever until the host had to tell him to stop. Giddy sia, watching him. I have no idea why my videos are always upside-down, but if you are interested, click here.

Catherine and I had a much simpler job, lazing around in the shade, serendipitously chatting with other pet owners who are curious about our dogs. As usual, I had to endure the usual jibes when people learn about Toto's name. One Ah-Beng was affectionately calling him 'Beh Beo'. Beh Beo is Toto meh? Sounds like horse-something to me.

There were the usual photography enthusiasts going around, requesting for permission to take pictures and the usual kids pottering around, waiting to pat Toto on his head.

Well, thanks to the brilliant ball of hydrogen in the sky, I am currently feeling very burnt.

And yes, Jane has finally decided to get her ass moving in uploading pictures. Unglamorous ones at that. She took a photo as I was taking forty winks in the cab en route to Sentosa last Saturday. If her camera sucked my soul and I never wake up, you all know who to blame.

Cafe Del Mar is pretty overrated and the music is rubbish (at least to me).

We were having quite a bit of fun with games until one of her friends became kinda violent. But that is another story.

Okay, I am so starving.


Blogger Catherine said...

eh... hehe no put up the pic we took together? we need to take more pics of us two

thanks for the ride! aiyah.. so paiseh make u go one big ulu round :O

was a great day... love the tranquility of kallang area.. :)

7:13 PM  
Blogger Kaiser said...

No wonder Kaiser is sooooo fond of you! Lovely pix and memorable vids you have captured.

Thanks for all the support ya!!!

12:16 AM  
Blogger chern san said...

Compared it with your bro's phone to see if he faces the same problem. Could be either a manufacturing fault (where they inverted the lense) or a software bug, the former being more likely.

11:03 AM  
Blogger jellybeano said...

cat: oh i uploaded the pix of us to the link i showed ya. :) and no problem about the big ulu round...we learn more about roads as we drive. hee.

kaiser: why is kaiser talking about Kaiser from a 3rd person perspective? strange.

chern san: i don't think so. i think it is the converter. it happened for my nokia phone previously as well.

11:16 AM  
Anonymous Joy said...

Hey YL, nice pics and congrats to K for some fantastic pole weaving! i heard the guy count 44 before the video stopped. that's many!

As for Jalan Lam Sam, we postponed it for another time.. hehe. we went to kampong chantek instead. will post up photos soon :)

yes, yes, we were just talking yesterday to ask if we could go with you to recce kent ridge park site for our next trek.

btw, i managed to find an old phone but can only receive calls (can't sms and call out coz the keypad is not working). will go buy a new phone this week.

11:32 AM  
Blogger jellybeano said...

Joy: Ooo, don't think you will be joining us for netball tonight since you are on your night shift still, right?

I am not that familiar with the Kent Ridge area unless you count those well-trodden places. As for those untrodden places, I am really quite clueless. Don't count on me to orientate leh!

11:45 AM  
Blogger Luna said...

Nice pics YL. Thanks for letting me be one of your reader :P I think your blog is interesting :)

oh, let's get lost in that untrodden places of kent ridge park. But we gotta postpone it to 4th week of apr as this weekend we all pretty busy :(

See you soon =P

3:56 PM  
Blogger jellybeano said...

No problem, luna. It's my pleasure. See you soon too!

5:50 PM  

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