Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Last of NUS Arts Festival Goodies

I was at the General Office picking up the keys to my Professor's office when I spied a booklet on NUS Arts Festival 2007. It was chockful of entertainment events and schedule, but alas, it ends on the 25th March.

Here are some interesting ones you still can catch.

Free Live Performance of Spanish Guitar with J Sham.
Friday 23 March 6.30pm
UCC Foyer

E.P.I.C. Live Performance
Saturday 24 March 6.30pm
UCC Foyer

Red Taurus - subtle fusion of flamenco, latin and jazz
Sunday 25 March 6.30pm
UCC Foyer

Hmm, these live performances sound pretty darn intriguing. I heard one quartert (known strangely as Curious Attacks on Green Tofu! (CAGoT!)) singing at the Foyer last Sunday and I must say, I was quite impressed. Well, of course, my standards could be way below since I can't carry a tune for nuts.

Well, if you don't mind parting 11 or 9 bucks, you can get yourself treated to...

25 Years of GENUS! by NUS Guitar Ensemble
Friday 23 March 7.30pm
UCC Hall

Although I would rather have attended Irresistably Yours by NUS Jazz Band last Saturday at 7.30pm. Dang. Where was I last Saturday, 7.30pm? Oh yeah, I was having sushi with a babe. Hey babe, we should have been listening to Jazz, baby! (Instead of those rubbishy stuff they played at Del Mar.)

Okay, Sandy, this will interest you!
Thai Horror Night - Shutter
Saturday 24 March 8pm
UCC Theatre Green Room

Thai Horror Night - The Eye
Saturday 24 March 9.30pm
UCC Theatre Green Room

Well, I might have watch both already but I don't mind going down to spoil the details for ya! Ngak ngak ngak.


Blogger musette said...

But I think you'll need tickets to gain admittance...:|

How I envy you, NUS's providing you with your dosage of entertainment for free!

11:26 AM  
Blogger jellybeano said...

Nah, I just called UCC. It's free. The ticketed screening was done yesterady. Dang, I missed Roystan Tan's screenings and other films from Israel and Iran.

11:30 AM  

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