Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Stranger than Fiction

I know I can be quite warped at certain times, but these days, I have been encountering quite a few strange ones myself.

One had me mildly irritated for quite a while. Hitherto, my irritation has been getting more intense. I do not answer to the emails, sms-es nor receive any of his calls. Until recently, I saw one of his rather hair-raisingly amorous mails, got a tad alarmed and decided to set things straight. Perhaps he hailed from a planet beyond me, not only did he not get my drift, he sent an email with totally irrelevant contents and continued with an avalanche of smses and calls, which I again, ignored. Gosh.

Another strange one was a guy who hailed from my undergraduate days in the School of Computing. He was one who would serendipitously chat me up on msn and ask me out for meals, games of tennis and such, whereby I would politely divert by saying 'See how lah.' It is not as if I am being a very biased individual, but I would provide an excerpt on why I find his behavior very disturbing.

One day, I was listening to my Lisa Ono soundtracks on my computer and he managed to see the tracks playing on my MSN. Thus, he started inquiring if he might borrow the songs. Yesterday, he started his requests once more.

Me: Oh, my stack of Lisa Ono CD's are with a friend.
Him: Can I borrow them from you when she returns?
Me: Sure.


Him: Look at my nick. Do you like it?

His MSN nick becomes 'Waiting for your Lisa Ono...'

Me: Er.
Him: I changed my nickname for you.
Me: Okay. Cool.
Him: So when are you going to play tennis with me?
Me: Er.
Him: NUS Tennis Courts have been refurbished. Very nice.

Him: Hey, I gtg. I need to go ps.
Me: Where's ps?
Him: ps is pang sai (Hokkien for shit).

Okay, I don't have a bone to pick with the use of word whatsoever. However, I do not think I am sufficiently close to him as a friend to qualify knowing intimate details like these. It's like.. okay..stop..too much details.. my eyes are hurting, hello?

As if that is not enough, he msned me the next day.

Him: Sorry about last night. I had to go ps you know.

What the fark? I did not reply.

People are strange.


Blogger musette said...

If you didn't ask, I'd have thought that PS stands for 'Plaza Singapura' loh.

Ok, maybe different frequencies lah, hor?

11:37 AM  
Blogger jellybeano said...

make it.. hideously different frequencies!

10:29 AM  
Blogger Babe said...

wau lau..your friend darn farnie..hahaha...i'm sorry i'm still holding on to your CDs, but hey! i helped you provide an excuse to your weirdo friend hahahha

7:55 PM  

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