Sunday, June 17, 2007

Papa's Day at Oosh

My Dad's birthday falls on the 17th of June. As such, we get to do a two-in-one celebration of Father's day as well. What cheapskates my brother and I are! Tee hee.

After some recommendation from Isabelle, we decided to head to Oosh for dinner.

I made a reservation for 7.00pm. When we arrived at 7.15pm, the doorgirl informed me that the garden area wasn't ready.

"It is usually available by 7.00pm. But I don't know why today it's not."

Talk about service. If you don't know, why should we customers know? At least kindly inform me that 7.00pm is too early for dinner, please. I don't think the doorgirls are very welcoming. They seemed busy chatting among themselves or on the phone. Perhaps it was a lull period. But still...

Fortunately, the ambience was as excellent as I have previously stated. The Indian waiter who served us subsequently was pretty good.

Please bear with the various permutations of family pictures. Haa.

Mumsy and the Birthday Boy

Daddy and Me

Daddy and Brother

Me and Mummy

Kor and Me

Well, the service was pretty bad. We ordered Laugen Bread to go with the soup and the bread didn't arrive with the soup. Instead, it arrived about 10 minutes after the soup, which was kind of odd. I had to tell the waiter I have a good mind to cancel the order of bread because our soup was almost finished!

The tapas we ordered were tasty. For the main course, I had duck confit which was quite palatable.

My Dad and Bro both had beef tenderloin.

I sniggered and told my brother his mashed potato looked like green dung.

For desserts, we had this Vornahla thingy with Ice cream (which actually translate to a chocolate torte cake) as well as Apple Tart. My brother couldn't resist a non-skinny cuppa and my Dad followed suit.

Although the waiter informed us there was 40% off housepours and housewine during happy hours, it somehow wasn't reflected on the bill I paid. I neglected to check it as well. Boo. So, if you are going there, be sure to check out your bill! They are pretty inexperienced, I guess.

Happy Daddy's Day to all. :)


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