Saturday, May 26, 2007

Ah Ma's Birthday

My ah ma, my maternal grandmama, looked after me till I completed my primary education. Even though I lived separately from her ever since, the bond between us has been established.

Anyway, it is my ah ma's birthday today. Each year, I celebrate a number of occasions with my maternal family, of whom I am closely acquainted with. The occasions range from the typical noisy Chinese New Year celebrations to lovely Christmas buffets as well as numerous birthday celebrations of particular important relatives.

Today's dinner was held at Furama Palace.

And today marks the first time I have seen my spanking new little cousin, Phoebe. Yes, they have decided to name her Phoebe!

Everyone is clamoring to have an opportunity to carry little Phoebe.

Everyone, except me, as usual. Phoebe looks so puny I am almost afraid I might break her if I hold her in my arms. And the moment Phoebe appeared, one auntie began to chatter about her resemblance to so-and-so.

Honestly, all babies look the same to me until they are like 6 months old? I stared really hard at her features but really, I can't decipher the resemblance. And I don't particularly enjoy cooing over something that is asleep and quite inanimate. Let's wait till she is 6 months and yabbering before I show her my jiejie powers.

Anyway, back to the dinner. It was pretty awesome. Food was tasty, company was good. It is always enjoyable catching up with cousins, reminscing the nitty gritties of childhood mischief.

My two favorite cousins that grew up with me.

Unison bad chorusing of the birthday song

Ah ma flanked by all her handsome grandsons. Teehee.

Ah ma flanked by all her beautiful granddaughters. Ahem!

Uncle Jason posed as he took a puff outside the restaurant.

Xiaoyiand me

Xiaoyiand Rachel

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