Monday, May 21, 2007

28 Weeks Later Spoiler Rant

Unlike many of the female friends I know, I actually have a penchant for the horror genre. I don't like gory, but horror movies kinda give me an adrenaline rush, sort of like the gan jiong feeling, you know?

Now, horror comprised of two kinds. One is the ghostly, spirits-going-WooOooo kind and the other is science fiction horror. One difference is that the former plays on the fear of the unknown, since there isn't really any scientic evidence regarding the existence of spirits, ghosts and whatsnot.

Science fiction is more credible. It is still, well, fiction. But it builds up and follows a logical storyline.

And there goes the other difference about the two sub-horror genre - Science Fiction horror doesn't occur unless there are stupid people in the plot.

Why would someone kiss, or even touch a person who is potentially infected with the virus that has rendered the whole of Mainland Britain demolished??? Someone who looks half like this???


Didn't he just witness how fast the virus can spread? Why would an Army Personnel kill another fellow Army Personnel who is just doing his job of abolishing the virus just to save potential infectants? Why would an Army Personnel, already salient to the potential destructive and quick spread of the virus through bodily fluids still ferry the survivors, one of whom is splattered with blood?

Without these stupid people who has no sense of rationality, there will be no Science Fiction Horror.

However, for the spirits-going-WoooOoo kinda horror genre, the people are not quite stupid. They are just trying to rationalize and get to the bottom of things when there are scary ghostly scenes in the movie. For instance, there is a sound in the haunted room and the victim goes into the room to investigate. He is not being stupid. He is being perfectly and rationally curious.

Anyway, I did enjoy 28 Weeks Later. I had to refrain myself from sinking my nails into Sandy several times. Oh, and she had to endure my rants of - 'Wah lao, here comes another stupid person!'

Because of stupidity, we probably get a sequel to this. 28 months later, or something.


Blogger musette said...

Look at what I wiki'd!

28 Months later, in France. HAHA.

11:46 PM  
Blogger jellybeano said...

GEEs. 28 months later is a long time. Shouldn't the zombies already have died?!

9:15 AM  
Blogger Luna said...

Saw the 28-days later, but sure don't want to watch 28-week later.. haha..

10:32 AM  

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