Sunday, May 20, 2007

'Tis the Season to be Feasting

Woohoo! Chelsea won the FA Cup!

Not that I am a fan of Chelsea, by the way. I just really abhor Cristiano Ronaldo's swanky demeanour. In fact, I was so distracted by someone commenting 'Aw, look! Ronaldo crying..' - Where?! Where?! I wanna see! - that I forgot to pong my hong zhong. See lah, stupid Ronaldo. Make me lose 25 buckeroos.

Seemingly, my family has arranged for some sort of feasting to be held every weekend for now. Last weekend was Mother's Day dim sum luncheon whereby I overdosed on roasted duck and jellyfish. Next weekend will be my Grandmama's birthday dinner. For this weekend, we adjourned to a Teo Chew Restaurant along the quaint shophouses near Clark Quay to celebrate my Gugu's birthday.

The Birthday Girl and her loving hubby

Well, it is the usual 10-course Chinese dinner fare. I was slightly aghast when the suckling pig came with its dissected face. I don't usually like to consume food when I can see the head. It makes me quite guilty.

See that swirly tail behind it? My uncle ate it. Gross.

Happy Lee Family

The Lais and a Wong

My favorite paternal cousin

Friday night started when I drove WX down to Loof to check out the Berkeley Alumni gathering. That was cool because the Berkeley Alumni has 30 percent off drinks. I figured I should get my alcohol fix there, rather than Bar Stop later since I don't think the police will stage their operation that early or within town itself. Heh.

Anyway, Bar Stop was next! We had plush seats and plenty of alcohol. Thank god I was driving. It was my passport in denying any consumption of the bottle of Black Label Johnnie Walker whisky. Amongst the glasses of white, bottles of beer, bottle of sparkling red, jugs of coke and a complete bottle of whisky, everyone went home feeling ill (except me, of course). I was the designated chaffeur of the birthday girl, half-fearing she might puke in the car, though. Ha.

Another Birthday lass

Babes, babes and more babes

Hua-ge, Shuling, Me and Eugene

Group shot

Since Jane is absent, I am the only one who puts on the rubber cheek face. The waiter who took the picture came to me sheepishly and went 'I don't think I got a very good shot of you..'

Cheerios to more feasting and an expanding waistline!


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