Thursday, June 14, 2007


This is a bad year for you, Alan reminded me last night as he tucked into his supper.

Yeah, it has been. Things never seem to go right at all. But amidst dark clouds, there are always some ray of sunlight, I guess.

Hola, look who dropped in for a surprise visit!

Ruiling dropped by just a while ago with a nice cheery balloon that gives Mister Toto the creeps, tonnes of lollipops but I took only one (because I am NOT greedy, ha!) and mango pomelo sago!

Oh, and my wounds are not as painful as yesterday's anymore. More sunlight, please!


Blogger Babe said...

hey gal, can't seem to talk to u on msn...we are not on at the same time haa..anyway, get well soon :P glad that things are better today...just relax a little and eat more, and sleep more haha...:P life is great when you have many loving friends :P

4:25 PM  

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