Monday, June 11, 2007


Firstly, please let me rant. Federer lost. BOOHOO! Nadal won. BOO! Anyone ever notice how Nadal like to pull at his sports pants to remove a wedgie before he serves? Someone should tell him that is very unsightly. Fine, fine, I am being a bad sport, ain't I?

Anyway, I think I have too much wining and dining for the weekend. Some of the food was mediocre, and some are too excellent, I ate till I was nauseous.

On Saturday, I was supposed to attend two dinner functions. One is a housewarming event hosted by a colleague, the other was hosted by my head professor. The food at my professor's condominium at Allsworth Park was mediocre, and it doesn't help when the rest of the dining population were male professors (except for the host's wife). Gee.

And my supervisor kept insisting I can drink, coaxing the host to keep plying me with wine.

By 8pm, I was silently wondering how I was going to survive the rest of the night. Thankfully, Eugene called and agreed to me pick up to adjourn to Oosh. Hallelujah!

Now, Oosh is a very delightful place. The drinks are rather pricey, but the food is okay.

Since I had quite a bit to drink at my professor's dinner, I opted for an Apple Tart Dessert.

We had pretty good seats at The Rooftop, right next to the stage where this superb jazz singer was belting out classic tunes in a very Norah-Jones way. When I leaned back on the plush seats, I can see the twinkling stars fringing the night sky. For a moment, it didn't feel like Singapore at all!

Okay fine, my photos is not very characteristic of the very quaint atmosphere. You wil just have to use your imagination. Ho ho.

Anyway, my Dad decided to celebrate his birthday in advance because my mum thought that I might not be able to dine excessively after my surgery on Wednesday. Bleah. Hence, they booked a table for 10 at Rama Thai Restaurant for a night of birthday gluttony.

After an intensive evening tennis match (which I lost), I was starving. Naturally, I was very happy to see the first dish arrive, comprising of a mushroom, an abalone and sea cucumber.

To a hungry man, there is no bad bread. I was extremely satisfied, usurping the first dish.

The second course was a pot of shark's fin for everyone.

Where's my shark's fin?

After the pot of shark's fin, I told my brother's girlfriend that I was done for the night, burping and all. But no, the food just kept on coming. And they came in servings of TWO. Although I did mention I was full, I just kept eating because the food was really excellent. I love Thai food.

And again, my Dad, the birthday boy is insisting everyone to drink his 4 bottles of wine. Since some of them are assigned chaffeurs for the night, naturally I got to be the sacrifice with his lame excuse that 'You are not driving what!'

Naturally, one can't disappoint the birthday boy, especially when he is your father.

By the end of the dinner, I was feeling nauseous.

Anyway, obligatory pictures my mum always insisted on taking during each dinner function.

The men chattering away..

Daddy and Mumsypoo

The Family


Blogger Jing said...

Yay Nadal won! Yay! Wooohooo!!!

10:22 PM  
Blogger jellybeano said...

oh shuddup! shuddup! shuddup!

11:44 PM  
Anonymous Catherine said...

eh HAHAHAHA! ur cheeks soooo red in the last pic! and wth u actually look kinda stunned? eh i think hor is cos u no resize the pics la. let blogger resize for u. LOL. i love thai food too man.. tom yammmmmmmmmmm..

2:45 AM  
Blogger eha said...

hmmm .. i realised in the last pic, ur bro's gf is very fair! perhaps that's cos tanned is in your family. generally, your dad, bro and you are tanned :)


6:19 PM  

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