Wednesday, June 06, 2007

My Brother is Weird Part II

Mister Toto has been whining at the dining table where I was sipping my 100-plus after tennis and my brother was having his late dinner.

Me: Aiyo, Toto, can you stop whining?
Bro: Eh, you know those electric collar?
Me: What.
Bro: The dog do something wrong, just buzz the collar...
Bro: Yah, so Toto whine, just buzz.
Bro: ...
Me: TOTO is smart dog. No need to do that!

I gave my brother a nasty frown and disappeared into the kitchen.

I reappeared a few moments later...

Bro: Alternatively...
Me: What.
Bro: We can attach a ear piece onto Toto's ears...
Me: For what?
Bro: So, when Toto wonders too far...

He capped his ear and mouth to do a walkie-talkie action...

Bro: We can go "Toto, toto, please come back."


Blogger Luna said...

Get toto bluetooth!!!

5:30 PM  

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