Sunday, June 17, 2007

Hidden Dimensions

Being out of action means Mister Toto doesn't have much of an action either. As such, he has been looking glum for some time, especially since he is missing out on all the fun his fellow canines are having at Pulau Ubin.

Well, since I am much adept in hobbling around now and the pain is so much lesser, I put Mister Toto into the car and drove around the neighborhood, deciding the Bukit Batok Nature Park has been quite explored to death.

We stumbled upon a huge expanse of field hidden nearby, at Mount Elizabeth Drive and he began to run madly, just like a proper sheepdog. Except there is no sheep, of course. We wandered and wandered until he sensed a canine from far.

Without regard for his poor injured mistress, he trotted away to meet his new found canine friend called Prince and his owner, Anthony. I hobbled for a good 3 minutes, calling his name and he was unresponsive. Tsk.

Until he sniffed and realized that Prince is no peachy bitch, he decided his mistress is worth responding to. I tell ya - when your sons or doggies have girlfriends, mothers and owners are easily forgotten.


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