Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Birthday Barbie

Rebecca was very sweet to organise a mini-celebration to celebrate my birthday. We decided to have a barbeque at her cosy little balcony of her home and boy, was there loads of food.

Hot and spicy wings, lamb kebabs with mint, burgers, mmm!

Knowing the chocoholic dessert-crazed person I am, she especially bought a super-heavenly-chocolate-GU dessert. In the end, we had THREE different types of desserts - a banoffee tart, chocolate luxury cake and a chocolate and vanilla cheesecake.

Mine! All mine! All mineeeee....

Despite the risk of incurring the wrath of their neighbours, Ian was entrusted with the important duty of grilling our chow.

The Chef-de-Cuisine

Occasionally, Rebecca gave instructions on what to cook. So, I guess you can call her ...

The Sous Chef

Before long, the delicious smell of sizzling meat came wafting through the house and we tucked into a delectable selections of tender and well-cooked meats. Mmmm-mmm. das schmeckt..

Oh, and the erratic weather in London comprising of 5-minute rain showers and 5-minute sunshine spawned the most curious phenomenon ever - a rainbow over another rainbow!

The guys were awesome. They knew that after the very scary experience with candles, I wouldn't appreciate candles on my desserts! Instead, they litted up a tealight and chorused a birthday song for me. *Sniff*

I say we murder the banoffee now!

The awesome gang


Blogger Babe said...

lol...your bonfire birthday was hilarious! trust him to do something like that.. :P Glad everyone is safe though and the house is intact !

9:37 AM  

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