Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Thousands of members of the Rail, Maritime and Transport union have walked out from their usual work tasks at the London Underground from 7pm yesterday to 7pm on Thursday, bringing the network to a standstill.

Yep, and the Tube breaks down again!

According to the Daily Mail,

Defiant Tube union boss Bob Crow vowed today to strike for "as long as it takes".
He refused to bow to pressure from the Prime Minister and the Mayor to order his members back to work - despite bringing misery to millions of commuters. The leader of the RMT union said he would keep industrial action going this week and next, regardless of the cost to London. Crisis talks had been due to resume today - but industry sources revealed Mr Crow would not be attending.

Wow. No worries about the inconveniences to 3.5 million London commuters, no worries about crippling London's already-injured economy. The Tube strike is set to be the costliest ever - with London businesses set to lose more than £50 million a day.

You know, Mr Crow, I don't see how the transport authorities or the Mayor can offer you any better terms, if the London's economy is to go on in this disrupted manner.

Now, Singaporeans, are you starting to love the Singapore's ever-stable SMRT?


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