Monday, May 25, 2009

Tate Modern - BodySpaceMotionThings

The Tate Modern in London is Britain's national museum of international modern art. Although I am not a big art connoisseur, I have somehow visited the Museum several times with different companions.

This time, I was keen to visit because of the various events happening at the Tate over the long Bank holiday. One of them is the BodySpaceMotionThings Exhibition by artist Robert Morris.

Apparently, this exhibition is a re-creation of Tate Gallery’s first fully interactive exhibition which took place in 1971. Back then, there was an escalated amount of media and public interest when the art gallery asked people to physically interact with an art work. The exhibition was closed just four days after opening, due to the unexpected and over enthusiastic response of the audience.

We were greeted by an enthusiastic crowd, whooping in encouragement as participants attempted to balance themselves on a large square plank.


There were people queuing to roll a large ball around trails of sandbags...

...people attempting to balance on tight ropes.

Inspired, we decided to participate in the art ourselves too.

There was the edging-against-the-wall stances...

...abseiling a slippery slope...

Cynthia slid down a wide plank merrily.

There were structures for the bold ones to climb up.

I gave a futile attempt. :p

Cynthia ventured into a narrowing tunnel...

and almost got trapped!

Others tumbled in cylindrical structures.

After an eye-opening adventure, we stepped into the bright sunshine, right onto the House of Fairy Tales - a series of workshops and activities in exploring material and process through activities such as sewing, drawing and sculpture.

Gardens in bottles

The Museum of British Folklore

We stumbled upon the Drawing Room and I got intrigued by the invitation to participate in painting the common canvas.


My art piece no. 1, titled "Mr OnionHead sends his love!"

My art piece no. 2, titled "Mr Fishy-fishy"

After some cajoling, Cynthia decides to take up the brush as well!

What's she drawing?

Awww... a picture of us!

Can you spot a '你好!' I have scribbled?

Attempting to draw a merlion on Cynthia's request (but failing miserably)

Other self-created postcards

We felt like newly minted artists already!


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