Friday, May 15, 2009

La Clique London

La Clique is live at The London Hippodrome in Leicester Square, and my buddy Cynthia, has invited me to catch it with her 2 weeks ago.

The setting of the circus was apparently distinct from any circuses I have been to. The stage was small and the performers appeared to remind me of a nomadic freakshow circus participants, rather than silky-smooth acrobats. The ambience is boisterous and fun, giving a feel you are in a sleazy pub with a beer, cheering some drunkards on the table.

Dodgy lighting conditions...

The girls eagerly anticipating...

La Clique is touted to be a melange of cabaret, new burlesque and circus sideshow. It started with a freakingly large man, cross-dressed as a clown women in a green-Shrek-like costumes and dark pink faux fur, singing in mediocre voice. To be frank, I was more disturbed than entertained, as Mrs-Large-Man sometimes randomly chose audiences to sit on and made them grab his manboobs. I might need psychological therapy if he had sat on me.

The muscle-bound English Gents, as seen above, were slightly more impressive. However, being an ardent fan of Olympic Gymnastics and having watched hours of incredible gymnastic stunts during those competitions, I was not quite impressed by their stunts.

I was totally freaked out by Captain Frodo, an inhumanely flexible man with double-jointed physique, enabling him to twist and dislocate his joints at will. It was so painful to watch (although he frequently had to disclaim it was not painful at all for him) that I had to close my eyes several times to spare myself from the sight.

The rest of the acts were mildly entertaining. I think the audience helped amplify the atmosphere, adding a dose of fun into this overrated circus. Overall, 'twas a novel experience.


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