Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Going Greek

The first time I tried The Real Greek was when Rebecca brought me, after some drinks at The Union Bar near Baker Street.

I kind of like Greek cuisine because it seems to be the equivalent of a healthy dining option, like what sushi is to Singaporeans. Of course, this is not substantiated but I like to believe going Greek is healthy since the distinctive characteristic of Greek cuisine is the use of olive oil. Olive oil is healthy, right?

When I googled for The Real Greek and found out they have a 50% promotion going on Sundays-Thursdays, I cajoled Felix to dine there after one of his intensive CFA revisions.

There are a few branches of The Real Greek. One of the better franchises will be located at Bankside, near London Bridge, next to the River Thames.

We started the dinner with some mezedes. Mezedes or meze are the small plates of food served with ouzo (a kind of spirit, I think). There is a wide selection of cold and hot mezedes. Personally, my favorite appetizer is Greek Flatbread with Htipiti dip.

The Greek pita bread reminds me greatly of the sorely-missed roti prata in Singapore, except alot less oily. The Htipiti dip is described as a coarse purée of roasted red peppers, feta cheese and roasted red onions. Mmmmmm-mmm.

For the mains, we ordered 6 skewers of lamb, chicken and pork, served with two delectable dips of Smoked Chilli Relish and Sun-Dried Tomato & Roast Pepper Relish. Felix ordered an additional Lamb Souvlaki which comprised of a lamb kebab grilled over charcoal embers and wrapped in flatbread.

Looks similar to satay huh?


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