Tuesday, April 07, 2009

The Cat is 30!

3rd April is incidentally the birthday of my brother, my cousin Rachel and Felix. Woah, I am surrounded by Aries, ain't I?

Initially, I thought of baking a Linzer Torte as Felix's birthday cake. However, Betty has used the baking tray to bake a banana-chocolate cake the day before. So, I got a Mixed Berry Cheesecake from Tesco Finest instead - and I must say - it is one of the most marvellous dessert I have ever eaten. And it costs only 4 pounds! Gee.

Mixed Berry Heaven. Mmm....

Felix was instructed to come home early that night. I spent the late morning putting some birthday decorations up. Flo was a great help with the balloon-blowing. Subsequently, I made a trip to the supersized supermarket, Tesco, 25 minutes walk away. I went to the supermarket without a prior idea of what to cook except green chicken curry. Hence, there was an urgent need to get inspired by any exotic groceries on sale.

At about 5pm, I started skewering prawns, peppers and mushrooms and lavishly spread the precious commodity that is sambal chilli, and some forest honey on the skewers. Flo woke up and helped with frying the bacon, which I wrapped over asparagus that I stir-fried with oyster sauce.


Tick, tock. Felix called to announce he is at the Underground station. Panic ensued. Flo quickly worked on the appetizer of bruschetta. I hurriedly started my green chicken curry.

Suddenly, Felix was just right outside the door! More panic ensued and we refused to let him in. Betty, who was coming home, was sent to distract him.

Finally, Flo got the fireworks started...

Sizzling Sparkles!


Felix got intrigued by the fireworks.

The birthday boy!

The birthday boy served the champagne to get the feast going...

Food, glorious food...

After a sumptuous meal, it was time to bring out the presents!

Betty presented the Chinese Elm Bonsai Tree which Felix promptly christened Elmo.

Felix was speechless with joy, being the green thumb he is.

The happy boy and Elmo. (Note the badge that announces that he is 30 years old!)

The wonderful housemates who made the celebration a success... Betty and Flo!

Say hi to Elmo, y'all!


Anonymous Emily said...

Happy Bday Felix!! haha..if you're reading this :P And is that the place you're staying at Yeelin? Nice leh....got 2 floors somemore, no wonder so ex isit! :P Am sure u guys had fun! And the ood looks good....Yeelin, u where got cannot cook? hahahha....

11:44 PM  
Blogger Buns said...

Emily! Thank you for your birthday wishes - the celebration was great thanks to its wonderful organizer!

5:52 AM  

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