Thursday, March 05, 2009

Kiwi Lottery

Mello says:
wat kiwi lottery?
hows london?
lost duckie says:
we ordered 14 kiwis online
and got 50!
wah lao
Mello says:
real bird?
lost duckie says:
yah yah real bird
Mello says:
order for?
lost duckie says:
now they all pecking me to death
of course the fruit la!
Mello says:

Yeah, so we struck some form of weird lottery when Tesco decided to bring us 50 kiwis when we only ordered 14.

I am going to turn so green with over-consumption of kiwis.


Anonymous Em said...

what the hell...real bird??'s life there? adjusting??

12:44 PM  

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