Monday, November 24, 2008

Happy Birthday, Sam!

I am currently typing this entry with 3 fingers because the rest of them are out of action. Still, I am happy because I think the efforts were well worth it. :)

So, as Sandy and I deliberated on a birthday gift for Samantha, we mulled over the pragmatic personality that she is. As such, what can be more practical than the gift of $.

We decided to fold her flowers made of dollar bills. I googled around for suitable origami instructions and we sprung into action.

We initially planned to fold 2-dollar bills, forming a bouquet of $2-roses. Each rose requires about 5-6 bills. However, we soon discover that most of the $2-bills are made of plastic. Grrr. Origami works best with paper!

So, our idea of a bouquet of $2-bills was scraped. Instead, we worked with $10-bills which still comprised of a significant number of paper versions.

The rose in making

The rose looked a little ridiculous initially. But with some "garnishing" of fake green leaves, pretty paper combination and ribbon...

Ta Dah!

We were pretty pleased with our work and proceeded to part two of our project which I shall now name "Operation Recession". The perfect recession gifts - Money and House!

Yes, a house.

Of course, the only one we can afford is the gingerbread one from IKEA. Don't complain hor, Sam.

We have to put the house together ourselves some more, okay.

First, we had to burn sugar to form caramelised sugar.

Then, as Alan became the main chef for the sugar, Sandy and I scuttled to put the house together hurriedly as the sugar clumps together once the heat is off! Man, it was a mess!

To made this roof with Sam's name, I ate about 20 M&M's that is coated with caramelised sugar that were damaged in the process. If I get diabetes, you know why!

Anyway, in the midst of putting strawberry pocky sticks as decor, I accidentally placed my fingers on the stick coated with burning caramel. An instant stinging sensation shot through and I released the pocky stick, only to realize it could not be easily flung away!

As a result, I spent the remaining night with my burnt fingers submerged in a cup of iced water, and slept with an ice pack around my fingers. Yes, so now I am severely handicapped with only 3 fingers as the rest nursed their boiling blisters. Sigh. What a muddlehead I am. I think my camera has been damaged in the house-making process as well.

DAMN all the gingerbread houses and strawberry pocky sticks! No more! No more!

Okay, ignore crazy rant above. We proceed to the pleasant outcome of the messy affair.


Fine, I know some of you will be thinking along the lines of "Like that also can behold meh?" But, this is a result of our sweat and blood (and maybe some of my skin). So, it has to be the best gingerbread house ever.

Felix ho-ed and hummed when I asked him for his opinions on the confectionery project.

Felix: Well, the gingerbread houses we used to make were...
Me: Yes?
Felix: ..more quaint.
Me: Why? *Murderously*
Felix: Erm, well maybe because there is like icing sugar to make it snow-like.
Me: This is Singapore ok. No snow.
Felix: Erm. *nervously*
Me: So, how is it?!
Felix: Er, perfect!

*Ding ding* This is called lying to save your life. A skill all boyfriends and spouses should be equipped with.

Yes, so we presented Sam with her gifts.

Now, Sam is recession-proof! Yay!

Sam ah, want to use the petals of the rose, must iron first hor. Otherwise, the bills will be a little crumpled. :P

Happy Birthday!


Anonymous Toukarin said...

"Lying to save your life" couldn't be more apt... haha!

So the girls cannot blame us when guys lie sometimes ok... it's upon request! =P

3:36 AM  
Blogger Babe said...

A very very thoughtful gift :P

10:32 AM  
Anonymous Priscilla said...

didn't know you unlock your blog, I was randomly clicking around. :P

That gift is damn cute btw :D

10:21 AM  

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