Sunday, May 11, 2008

Excuse me, but I think you have holes in your Sunglasses

After a very sumptuous Mother's Day dinner, we lingered around Guardian Pharmacy while waiting for my Dad to finish his loo break. (My weekend of sumptuous dinners will be in another post, tee hee.)

My brother suddenly pointed at a weird contraption that was put up for sale at the counter.

Ta dah.. Natural Vision Therapy

Yeah, so it looks like a pair of sunglasses with many holes poked into it. How on earth it is supposed to better your eyesight, I have no idea. On the sidenote, I believe I can fashion a similar pair for you with just black construction paper, some satay sticks to poke holes and scotch tape to hold the round pieces of paper around your eyes.

Fine, my version might not be that glamourous but it will save you US$30, you know?

So, to know more about natural vision therapy, click here. If it doesn't work, don't sue me hor.


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