Monday, October 27, 2008

An Orlando Incident

Last Thursday morning, I woke up bright and early to prepare for my shuttle bus ride to Orlando Airport in Florida. Although my ride was scheduled to be at 630 in the morning, I was up and about, ringing for the reception at 530am.

A sleepy boy emerged from a room. I bet he was sleeping on his job.

Boy: Right, you are all set to go.
Me: Yes, I have a question.
Boy: Go ahead.
Me: I'll like to walk to Walgreens outside because I have an hour to spare.
Boy: Walgreens? Are you kidding?
Me: No. I would like to ask how long it will take.
Boy: I don't know, man. Maybe 20 minutes or more.
Me: Is it safe to walk out?
Boy: Well, I won't recommend you to do it.
Me: Why? Is it unsafe? *Imagines gun-toting thugs*
Boy: Well, tis' not that it is unsafe. It's just 530am. And for Walgreens?

With that, I made up my mind. I love Walgreens. If there are no gun-toting thugs, I will go for a morning brisk walk to Walgreens for a last minute shopping jaunt then.

However, as I breezily strolled through the quiet open spaces of Orlando, suddenly, from afar ...

That must be what the reception boy was warning me against.

A Boston Lobster mascot.


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