Sunday, May 17, 2009

Mediterranean Desserts

I have acquired a rather regular habit of consuming a dessert after dinner everyday. When I was in Singapore, Mummy will usually cut a huge platter of healthy fruit and that will suffice for a dessert. A healthy one, too! Otherwise, I will just ransack the refrigerator for a piece of dark chocolate.

Over in London, desserts are the bane of every women, especially those with a sweet tooth. (That's me!)

Yesterday, I decided I had enough with my regular consumption of cheesecakes, muffins, cupcakes, ice cream ... and boldly decided to venture into untested dessert arenas - Mediterranean Sweets.

We were loitering around Waitrose after dinner, in search of suitable desserts.

I decided upon a choice of 3 types of sweets - a Baklava, a brazi-nut wheatroll and a Raspberry Namoura.

Baklava is a type of Greek pastry traditionally made of thin layers of flaky pastry , honey, nuts, and orange essence. Many other Middle Eastern nations have pastries which are very similar, thanks to a long running tradition of sweet desserts which feature flaky, delicate pastry.

I suffered some cognitive dissonance when I bit into it because in our asian culture, flaky, delicate pastry usually equates to savoury palates. It is a little odd to bite into a flaky texture, only to realize it is bursting with sweetness.

The Raspberry Namoura is a traditional Arabic Semolina Cake, tasting nauseatingly sweet. It reminded me of some nonya kuehs I had ages ago as a kid.

My favorite one is the brazil-nuts filled wheatroll - and I believe it is also a sort of Baklava. It was crunchy, nutty and doesn't make you feel like you are going to develop a bout of diabetics immediately.

Man, this is turning into a food blog.


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