Wednesday, May 27, 2009

When the Sun is Out...

After going to the gym on Saturday, I was delighted to feel the radiant sun rays on my skin as I stepped out. I grabbed some food from Burger King's at London Bridge and trotted over to moreLondon to have a mini picnic and a view of the Thames.

moreLondon has plenty of open space and long benches. It is interesting how they have morphed modern architecture and blended it together with traditional structures like the Tower Bridge.

Cynthia joined me shortly after her shopping spree at Bond Street.

After sharing the Burger King meal, washed down by chocolate muffins, we hopped by Mark and Spencer's for a bottle to Rose and a pack of delicious crisps.

With Greek music playing in the background, great girly chit-chat over wine and crisps, sun rays warming up my face, the weekend can't be any better than this.

Bring on the summer sunshine!


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