Monday, June 01, 2009

Creepy Crepes

Cynthia and I were a fan of crêpes. Crêpes are thin French pancakes with savoury or sweet fillings. We were always mildly hysterical when we discovered stalls selling crêpes in markets we visited around London, be it Greenwich, Camden, etc.

In fact, Cynthia loves crêpes so much she decided she wanted to eat them on one of her last precious weekends in London. She found Crêpe Affaire online and we had a trek there to have some crepes on a particular weekend.

As usual, I prefer my crêpe sweet and dessert-ish, ideally with loads of nutella, nuts and banana.

Cynthia hasn't had her lunch, so she craved for some savoury fare.

After observing how crêpes are made (these guys usually make a show of it), I decided that crêpes are quite a easy-peasy fare to prepare.

...until I tried them out myself!

I randomly dug out some savoury crêpes recipe from the good ol' Internet. The recipe looked simple enough - and even came with a recipe on how to create a delicious savoury mushroom, bacon and spinach cream sauce for the crêpes.

The filling was made from scratch with flour, butter, milk, water and parmesan cheese and was indeed quite tasty.

Blip! Blip! A stew is boiling.

The problem came with the cooking of the crêpes. I guess, you really do need a flat pan for you to spread the crêpe mixture out to create the signature thin-ness of a crêpe. Otherwise, you just get really thick ones, like pancakes.

What a crêpe shouldn't look like

Nevertheless, I soldiered on. Instead of crêpes with mushroom, bacon and spinach cream sauce, we can have erm... malleable pancakes with mushroom, bacon and spinach cream sauce. Still can eat what.

But nooooooooo, Felix decided wet pancakes are nothing like crêpes and proceed to dump rice on top of my crêpes. "Your sauce goes better with rice, than the crêpes you have made...", he claimed.

I watched in horror as he destroyed my culinary creation.

So, if you want to be a smart aleck like me and try to make a crepe with a pan, instead of proper equipment, better not ah. Don't say I never warn you. But then again, maybe you guys may be more skillful.

Now I have something to scare Felix with - "Creepy crepes for dinner tonight, want a not?"


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