Saturday, June 13, 2009

Singapore Airline

I have been travelling via a number of airline companies in my life. Of course, my favorite is the Singapore Airlines, and very proudly so. A number of foreigners I have met have also mentioned their preferences for Singapore Airlines since the service offered is usually helpful and friendly (and pleasing to the eyes too!). Further, SQ has one of the best in-flight entertainment systems with the widest range of games and movies. In my experience, the stewards and stewardesses for European and American airline companies behave as if they were the lords and the ladies, bossing you around on the planes.

Nevertheless, being typically Singaporean, I still have one thing to gripe about SQ.

You see, I like Qantas or British Airways seats because they have foldable headrest.

Something that looks like this...

(Picture taken from here)

This very simple ergonomic property is extremely important, especially on long flights. It prevents my head from lolling over to a fellow passenger who might be (unfortunately) sitting next to me while I am snoozing. It supports my head, as opposed to my neck pillow which supports my neck. To get a good snooze on the flight, the best combination is to have the foldable headrest and the neck pillow.

For some reason, SQ has neglected this aspect.

So, I'm saying 'Hello, Singapore!' with a very sore neck and dazed eyes.


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