Monday, July 27, 2009

Birthday Bonfire

I was woken up on the morning of my birthday with Felix holding a belgian chocolate tart, glowing with 29 candles.

Now, ever since I worked in London, I have always eyed the belgian chocolate tart whenever I trawled the dessert aisle of supermarkets. Yet, I always stopped myself from buying it because nobody in the household is such a huge fan of super-chocolatey dessert and I didn't want to risk the glutton in me emerging and consuming the whole darn tart.

Hence, I was pretty happy to see the belgian chocolate tart. I was, however, a little nervous about the number of candles. After making a loooooong wish, I attempted to blow out the candles... no avail.

Felix: *chirps happily* They are magic candles!
Me: Uh, and?

The candles started to have sparks coming out from them.

Felix: Aren't they pretty? Just like fireworks!
Me: Erm, but can we still eat the tart after that?

At this point, some of the candles whose flames I have blown off re-ignited. I started to panick a little.

Me: Er, the carpet may catch fire!
Felix: Don't worry, honey! The candles will die down.
Me: Did you read the instructions?
Felix: Instructions? Bah.. who needs instructions.

By now, some of the flames from the 29 candles have merged to form a mini bonfire. I was getting more nervous by the second.

Me: I think the tart is going to burn! Ahhh.
Felix: (Cool demeanour slowly breaking) Erm, don't worry! They will stop burning soon.

We watched as the feisty little candles sizzled and sparkled their way right on to the tart, only to feed on whatever flammable ingredients on the tart.

Felix: Okay, I think we'd better bring this tart to the bathroom.

He promptly doused tap water onto the tart. And we all know what is the perfect recipe for a fire! The instantaneous phase change, from a liquid to a gaseous state, is accompanied by a tremendous expansion. Because the water (now steam) is below the oil, it expands rapidly upward, explosively expelling the flaming oil. It atomizes the oil, in the process, oxygenating it and effectively creating a volcanic blow torch.

Ta dah!

Although thoroughly freaked out, Felix persevered in continuing to douse the tart with tremendous amounts of water...

Finally and fortunately, we extinguished those feisty-we-just-won't-die-muhahaha candles and didn't need to spend my birthday morning evacuated from our apartment.

The remains of the doomed chocolate tart

Yup, I still didn't get to taste my chocolate tart after all. Sigh!


Blogger musette said...

Poor girl, did the boys get u a replacement tart in the evening?

Btw the fire was really scary, although it suonded very funny when u first told me about it.

5:07 PM  

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