Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Weekend Getaway to Portsmouth

As a birthday gift to me, Felix whisked me away to Portsmouth for the weekend.

Portsmouth isn't so popular with the tourists and many tourists seemed to express surprise to hear our interest in heading to Portsmouth. It is known as UK's only island city and has functioned as a significant naval port for centuries.

When I first walked up the stone stairs, leading up to the esplanade atop the walls overlooking the waters, I was awed by the large expanse of the beautiful blue ocean.

The washed-out colours of the stones and quaint buildings by the ocean make for a picturisque sight.

The town architects has also undertaken much effort to emphasize on Portsmouth's connotation with the waters. The benches and walls have feminine curves to reflect the majestic waves in the ocean.

Unlike most beaches I am accustomed too, the beaches in UK are mostly pebbly.

Instead of sinking your feet into soft white sand, you get your feet sunk into gazillions of pebbles. Looking on the bright side, it is as if you are getting hours of foot reflexology therapy.

Gazing into the humongous expanse of open space, I do feel rather insignificant.

The sea breezes, or rather gales, were so strong that sometimes we get blown off course while strolling on the esplanade.


I kid you not. In fact, there were plenty of times when I looked up in the skies to see a seagull flying in vain against the winds. It would fly on the spot for a few seconds before giving up, and getting blown away by the winds.

On many UK beaches, you will be able to stumble on the phenomenon of seaside piers.

These piers are a British speciality and usually consist of amusement parks, casinos, booths hawking candy floss and ice cream and other carnival-theme activities.

Felix falls victim to one!

Brightly coloured beach huts are an essential part of the British coast. They make a great base for a family on a beach holiday. Many are equipped with small stoves for boiling kettles, essential for the British afternoon cup of tea.

The sunset at Portsmouth was pretty breath-taking, I'll say.

On Sunday morning, we braved the whipping sea gales abd headed towards Fort Cumberland. It was extremely isolated, with not a single soul by the waters. It was just the blue ocean crashing onto the stony walls of the fort and us.

We snoozed...

..monkeyed around..

..and created "art".

Mission Portsmouth, Baby! wasn't disappointing at all. :)


Blogger Babe said...

that looks like a LOT of fun!!! :P Happy Birthday gal :P May you continue to be blessed with the love of all your family and friends :PPP hugs hugs...cya back in sg soon!!!

10:34 AM  
Blogger jellybeano said...

aw, thanks babe! SEE YOU SOON!

3:02 PM  
Blogger eha said...

wow, the sunset is really beautiful. i hope i get to shoot one of those someday (into photography now) :)

happy birthday though i am like so many days late.

12:19 AM  

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