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Aha! Just when I thought my annual pilgrimage to Bangkok won't materialize this year, Sandy informed me she still had sufficient leave for a short getaway! Awesome.

Before I dive into the cruel hours of the working world, I was deciding another vacation. Should I join the girls in Osaka? Should I visit Rebecca in London? Well, an inexpensive trip to the Land of Smiles should suffice. Good food, good service and shopping beckons!

Off we go, to infinty and beyond!

Once we landed, we efficiently checked into our hotel and headed for our first meal in Bangkok - Greyhound Cafe at The Emporium

The Greyhound Cafe concept is somewhat like PS Cafe by the Project Shop Brothers in Singapore, a mix of cool Thai fashion with international city slicker edge. Of course, the prices are much lower.


My Watermelon Smoothie was deliciously good although my Aglio Olio was nondescript. Sandy and I further shared a very sinful chocolate concoctation of brownie, chocolate ice cream, chocolate bits and whatsnot as you can see above. The meal of entree, drink and dessert set us back around SGD15 each.

After lunch, we hauled our heavy bellies and sauntered around The Emporium, which is a mall usually frequented by the richer Thais. There was a Global Warming exhibition going on, thus explaining the appearances of strange animals.

This unsightly cretin is called a Cavy.

It looks like a cross between a pig and a rat. If you asked me, it looked like a sort of gremlin. It has red eyes, for heaven's sake.

There was also a hedgehog scuttering speedily across the artificial desert.

Run, Sonic, Run!

Sandy said the hedgehog reminded her of a dishwashing scrub she used to clean her utensils, but with legs. I concurred.

There are other more normal looking animals like canaries and albino pythons.

We cabbed down for a 2-hour Thai Massage and pampering sessions of pedicure and manicure at Sukhumvit Soi 33. We aimlessly wandered to Central World for dinner.

The Central World is another upmarket mall which is seemingly built to cater to Japanese customers. It has quite a number of upscale restaurants and plenty of arty-farty conceptual exhibits around. I had to cajole my 2 travel companions to pose imaginatively.

We had a sumptuous spread of Japanese food at Kobune, after witnessing a horrendous queue for a buffet place called Shabushi. Kobune's dinner was pretty commendable. Of course, you won't get that sort of dinner in Singapore for the price we paid.

Alan insists on spoiling the delicious picture of our food.

On Friday, we spent a good part of the early morning till late noon at MBK and Prathunam area, spreading most of our time amongst the Prathunam complex and The Platinum. Both are shopping havens and I walked till I had to drag my feet. We wanted to stop for a good lunch but the Black Canyon Coffee, which previously served a rather impressive food menu, had an utter transformation of concept. We ended up having only a sausage platter and salad. Bah.

The Iced Chocolate was palatable though.

We shopped till we accumulated a humongous back of goodies. I felt like Christmas came early and I am hauling around loot like Santa. We finally went back to the hotel to devour a delectable dinner to replenish our expended shopping energy.

Sandy and her healty meals...

Alan and his Ribeye

My Steak and Lobster! Muahahahaha.

I was feeling extremely carnivorous.

We adjourned to the State Tower at Bangkok, which comprised of several drinking bars and restaurants. It was an extremely pretty place to be in, because at the 64th storey, you have a bird's eye view of the dazzling city lights. We had drinks at Distil, which had outdoor beds. Sandy and I also visited Sirroco, which had a really cool bar that overlooks through the glass panels.

The prices, nevertheless, were pretty high, even by Singapore Standard. Martinis and Daiquiris were pretty okay although Champagne Cocktails set one back at 1500 baht. That is about 75 Singapore bucks for ya. Ridiculous, I say.

Alan and his hot Thai friend, Polly

The whole of Saturday was dedicated to the formidable Chatuchak market. We started promptly at about 10 in the morning. After 4-5 hours, we were thoroughly exhausted. We settled down in a quaint little cafe for a drink.

Sandy displays her exhaustion.

Although I don't really understand what the people serving us at the cafe were saying, they were really warm and friendly. For instance, when I was amused by one of the server's pet gerbil, she sportingly held it out to me.

The gerbil thingy was quite domesticated and didn't even try to attempt to run away in my inexperienced handling.

Our friendly servers and their pet critter

Finally, we lugged our heavy loot back to the hotel after about 4-5 hours of shopping.

Yes, look at the useless stuff we bought.

I am an alien, hear me roar!

Sandy and her t-shirt that proclaims she is 'PROUD TO BE A VEGETARIAN'. Wo pei! And we shall see why in a while... heh heh.

Our loot!

Don't ask me what I bought. I bought squillions and squillions of stuff. I don't even remember what I bought. Can you imagine that?

Street-side agar agar! Sedap!

Alan dropped by our room to check our loot out.

Aliens unite!

Alan is a big disturbance to us counting our loot.

Notice he is wearing the sash from my dress and lots of necklaces, some Sandy's, some mine.

Then, he tries to be Karate Kid with my sash again.

After much monkeying around, we headed out to Chinatown for some shark's fin and bird's nest.

Sunday is a day where we decided to take it easy. We shall explore to less-ventured parts of Chatuchak and take more touristy pictures.

Ta dah!

Firstly, let me highlight the walking irony called Sandy.

Although she dons a shirt that grimly states she is proud to be a vegetarian, I hereby provide you proof she is very much an omnivore.

Still can stab the prawn until so fiercely some more. Vegetarian, my assssss.

Chatuchak is indeed a favorite place of mine in Bangkok where you can find just about anything. I bought some furnishing stuff for my room. And the shops displaying the art are just like mini galleries. Everything is so pretty, yeah! The Thais are a talented bunch all right.

I bought a foldable fan that says "When the candles are out, all women are fair." Why not "..all women are dark?" ah? Strange.

Lunchypoos at some desolated Chatuchak Cafe. My Tom Yum Spaghetti tasted all right.

We proceeded to have some very tricky operation after our trip to Chatuchak - an eyelash extension procedure. My god, it was TORTURE. First, they taped up my eyelids so only a little of my eye is exposed. That means I couldn't blink at all. Then, they proceeded to switch on a very bright light. Instinctively, I attempted to blink, but in vain. It was TORTURE and it lasted for 1.5 hours.

What's worse? I think the long lashes don't suit me at all! It is impeding my vision and I think I look like a cabaret dancer. Maybe, even an ah gua.

Sandy with her new lashes, waiting for a foot massage.

Us with our new fake eyelashes. Nah, don't think I will do it again. Too much trouble, I say.

Dinner at Nobu Shabu!

Yum, after a thoroughly pampered 4 days of services, shopping and food, we really dreaded to go back to reality the next day. Sigh.


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