Sunday, September 02, 2007

All That Adrenaline Junk

I have officially swallowed a good portion of the foul-testing seawater off Punggol Marina. In fact, I consumed so much till I had to burp with the eeky salty aftertaste lingering unpleasantly in my mouth.

But it is all worth it. The adrenaline generated while wakeboarding and wakeskating is all worth it!

Here we are, the troop of us, raring to go on an early Saturday morning.

The babes showed their utmost excitement.

Hey and it's off we go!

There is something very pleasant being on the boat with good company. All we were lacking is cards, beer and good food. Let me suggest that one should bring some drinks and a deck of cards up while waiting for your mates to complete their turn at wakeboarding. It is awesome, feeling the breeze in your face. The sun, the sea, mmmm. Life is good.

The boat creates little waves which you can ride and perform jumps across.

Of course, the guys were veterans at wakeboarding.

Cynthia is ever photo-ready, even when lounging about and chatting with our instructor, Vincent.

The other professional, Wayne.

Wayne was alot of help, sitting at the edge of the boat, dishing out helpful instructions. So, remember, if it is your first time wakeboarding, do engage friends who have more expertise.

Here is Jane, a fellow newbie like me.

This Jane ah, kept asking me "Are you scared a not?! I am scared leh!" when she is ever the consummate diver and I can't even swim. I am going to fall into the deep open sea with nary an idea how to swim.

Cynthia assures us she is still alive!

In hot soup..

..but still can pose leh

We tried wakeskating too, which is wakeboarding except without the 'shoes' attached. That means, it is just a simple surf board. At first, Adrian was incredulous when Vincent left him in the water with just the surf board with no 'shoes' attached. Since Adrian has been making so much of a din, laughing and making smart-alecky comments, he thought Vincent was punishing him by making him commit silly stunts with just a surf board.

Here is Jane at her turn, giving the 'How can? How can? No shoes?' exasperated expression.

But hey, with the water resistance helping, with one hand gripping the bottom of the board, one holding the handle, we were able to wake-skate as well!

Even the beginners like us!

Here I am, gleeful with adrenaline rush and Adrian looking really bored because our attempts were too amatuerish for him. Blah.

After four hours in the scorching sun, we have to head back to the shore. Where time time go man? It sure flies when I am having fun.

We survived!

Vincent is our instructor on the extreme left who is ever so humorous and entertaining. He apparently also coaches other sports like rollerblading and snowboarding, striking an interest in me to take up the latter. Mmmm, the next adrenaline mission, anyone? If you are interested in wakeboarding, do call him at 97982228.

We rewarded ourselves with a sumptuous lunch at Jalan Kayu before proceeding home for a quick nap. I had to call a raincheck for my afternoon tennis session because my arms were sorely aching. Gees.

A quick visit to my neighbors' BBQ and some wine with friends at my house completed a totally satisfying Saturday.

Let's do that again, Janey!


Anonymous Joy said...

hey hey! looks like fun :)

who's the 2nd guy from the left in the last shot? looks like one of my ex-colleagues.

1:09 PM  
Blogger jellybeano said...

Ehh, his name is Wayne. But he's a friend's friend... so I don't know what he does. :P

1:09 AM  

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