Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Happy Birthday, Mum!

Well, Blogger in Shanghai is kinda weird. I am able to write but I am completely unable to access any blogs, including my own. I don't even know if this post will be visible. Hmm.

Anyway, here are some belated pictures of the birthday celebrations of one of the greatest person in the world, at least to me. :) My mummy old already!

On the day itself, my brother and I brought her to Pier Eleven at the new Marina South Pier. The place has a scenic view of the sea and I heard it is the newly discovered place to gawk at fireworks. So, if you want to look at fireworks during the National Day Parade, do head out here instead of being asphyxiated in the thronging crowds at the Esplanade.

Charlotte bought my mother a huge bouquet of roses and peonies.

Our appetizers included salmon carpaccio, foie gras, oysters and mushroom soup.

Well, in my opinion, the food is passable but not fantastic. I had duck confit which is slightly too salty.

Shots with the birthday girl

We requested the restaurant to surprise my mother with a cake. However, we went to the washroom and the waiter had to go back with the cake. When the chocolate cake finally arrived, the ice cream has all melted! Haa.

The seabreeze was so strong the manager spent a good 10 minutes trying to light the candle up. The poor guy.

Daddy was a little kooky after a few glasses of wine, so he kept singing the birthday songs in funny ways, making my mother unable to compose herself for a nice shot. Tsk.

The next evening, my dad held a more extended celebration for my mum that includes all the maternal side of the relatives at East Ocean Restaurant.

The newest addition to my maternal family is a little darling called Phoebe. It is no wonder everybody is just dying to get their hands on her. I'm not touching her until she is six months old in case I drop her. I can get very clumsy.

My brother trying to act fatherly.

Shortly after, Phoebe started to cry. So I declared my brother a failure.


Abalone and Sea Cucumber

Again, the food is okay. But I heard the dim sum there is realy good.

All my August aunties!

Oh, take a look at my grandmama.

Apparently, she felt that the gazillion of shawls can't match her outfit and she actually took a TABLE CLOTH to match. Can you believe it? I must say she is quite a brave soul, striding around with a table cloth draped over.


Wishing for hot hunk ah?

Happy Birthday, Mumsy. :)


Anonymous Cat said...

hahahaha! wa ur grandma v brave lor. but it looks convincingly enough in the picture with the pink outfit she was wearing. was it v obvious it was a table cloth in real life?

anyway what are you doing in shanghai!!

Happy Birthday Mdm Lai!

10:44 AM  
Blogger chern san said...

Think your bro and you do really look alike. Didn't use to see it that way in the past.

Hmm, am surprised to your dad can get tipsy just after a few drinks. I always thought he can really hold his alcohol!

9:04 AM  

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