Sunday, July 15, 2007

Weekend Revelry

Ah, weekends. I love the weekends.

I had an exceptionally enjoyable Saturday Night, having a picnic with awesome company at the Jazz by the Beach event held in Sentosa. The Australian College started the evening with pretty snazzy tunes, followed by the Singapore Jazz Orchestra.

T-rex, Sandy and I were relatively early to chope a cosy little grass patch.

There was really no need for any chope-ing , even though the event was cost-free. We brought plenty, plenty, plenty of food. We really had a good feast going on!

With the contribution of food brought by Isabelle, Adeline and her boyfriend, Mark, I think we can feed a party of ten. In essence, we just fed our gluttony for 4 hours straight. Food included typical Mac's junk food, roast beef, salami, cheese, turkey ham, champagne, wine, rojak, pate.... Gees.

The crazy couple

Belle and Me

Somewhere along the night, as we were swaying to the music, Isabelle picked up a fallen flower and all of us started taking stupid pictures with it.

Of course, we had our regular card games where we learnt that Mark has very bad hand coordination. Either that, he just wanted to scam us of our alcohol. At the end of it all, I guess we have proof of ones who are somewhat intoxicated.

Ta dah!

Tsk, kids nowadays ah... :P

Okay, too much indulging in food gives us little tummies. So after the alcohol runs out, we do forfeits by exercising.

On the way home, we decided to risk our lives and do a little advertising for the pretty beach of Siloso.

We sort of know people are somewhat intoxicated when they are able to climb all the way to the top but lament they have no way of coming down. It was quite hilarious to hear random frenzied laments of 'Eh, I have no idea how to come down...' and watched the bit of chaos for 5 minutes.

This morning, I made my way to East Coast with Mister Toto to join the girls who were rollerblading. I loaned Adeline Mister Toto to attract babes, the han sup girl that she is. Teehee.

Anyway, the girls left soon after, leaving Alan and me to bake in the hot afternoon sun. We received a pamphlet lauding pizzas going for 6-8 buckeroos. However, when we were comfortably seated in the restaurant, the waiter nicely informed us those pizzas offered on the pamphlet are only for takeaways. The pizzas served in the cafe were going for at least 18 buckeroos. We even saw pasta going for 70 bucks! Gees.

Me and the misleading pamphlet with no indication of takeaways only.

I was trying to give my 'It's not very nice to mislead people' impersonation.

Barconda Restaurant! Very misleading, tsk. No goodo. But the music was pretty okay, so.. fine. The thin crust pizza was pretty good, too.

Here is Alan trying to say this is what remained of our 20-buck pizza.

Oh, and the good thing about the restaurant is - they provided a nice little bowl of water for Mister Toto, free of charge!

*Pant Pant*

And the weekend zipped past once again!


Blogger musette said...

Now, it seems like a 'To Do' every July every year. Hee.

Anyway I had so much to eat that I didn't feel hungry on Sunday. Tsk tsk tsk. Bet our internal system had to work triply hard to digest the humongous amount of food we had. Bleahhhh. Next time can have fruits picnic instead or not?

11:05 AM  

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