Monday, July 09, 2007

Battle Scars

Aftermath of a day of rock-climbing:
- 5 bruises on my left knee when I slipped and used it to curb myself from slamming against the wall.

- Extremely sore knuckles

- Inability to pull doors open without cussing.

Well, the plus point of the entire experience is that I probably accumulated sufficient endorphinal fixes to last me till end of the week. The feeling of accomplishment is exhilirating when you conquered each particular wall. Perhaps, I will try the 20-meter outdoor wall at Safra Adventure Club or the real rocks at Dairy Farm in future. For now, I think I would need to let my sore muscles heal. Ahhh. Not much pictures, though. I think Alan or his sister took some with their handphone cameras. Dude, hurry up and send them to me if you are reading this, yeah?

Okay, so Alan finally sent me the pictures and labelled them in an unfunny way. For instance, he called this...

Monkey God

My shot of his sister, Doris. Much better than his Monkey God shot. Bleah.

Isabelle at the top!

The Sports Climbers!

The most unbelieveable part of it all is that some of us continued on with another hour and a half session of tennis after rock climbing. As I was swinging the racquet, I could literally feel my arms go all wobbly when I hit the ball. I am going to die during netball on Wednesday.

Anyhoos, I might be going for mountain biking or cable ski-ing soon for future endorphinal fixes. If anyone of you are interested, do beep me on my IM.

After much nagging, I finally uploaded the pictures of the Kranji trek 2 weeks ago. I'm slow, I know.

Adeline, the cheeky-face

Sea of lallangs!

Commotion as Twinkle attempts to run away

Alan attempts to carry Twinkle down

Hurry up, dudes!

Trekking on!

Adeline and her foaming shoes

Picnic time


Anonymous cat said...

hey! haha coincidentally i also plan to go cable ski with my colleagues.. anyhoooo, i'm interested in mountain biking! :D can i?

3:49 PM  
Blogger jellybeano said...

Oh? We are going cable-skiing in Batam though. Where are you heading? As for mountain biking, our 'guru' is suggesting Pulau Ubin. I don't think anywhere near Bukit Timah Trail rents bikes out though...

10:57 AM  
Blogger jarc said...

eh.. hjow come the place looks familiar but the faces don't? hehe. next time got trek invite leh :)

11:47 PM  
Blogger jellybeano said...

jarc: Eh, joy ah? Heh, I thought you all have been there before.. might be sian of it! :P Next time, next time!

7:00 PM  
Blogger Luna said...

rock climbing.. hmm.. interesting. But sure I won't go. I don't have as nice bums as you all. Check out the photos.. lots of sexy bums.. haha..

1:10 PM  

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