Saturday, July 14, 2007

'Tis a Friday

Ah, my mum is off to Yunnan for a week of vacation and her presence will be sorely missed. Anyhoos, we revisited Wine Bos since a long long time this Friday and we were accompanied by Chris and his extremely entertaining friends.

Chris's friend, Ken, had a bit too much to drink and had too many antics for us to gawk at. For instance, he would stand up every 5 minutes to introduce himself to the girls sitting at the next table. It was simply incredulous, especially when he gave himself different name each time he does that.

And then, he started singing as he ate his chicken wings.

At one point in time, he asked me what was my telephone number. I retorted that if he wears a tie and asked me formally, he might get it. Thus, he dug around his bag for his tie and started to attempt tying his tie in his drunken stupor. It is quite entertaining, really.

Happy Friday the Thirteenth, everyone. Have a good one. Amen.


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