Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Gracias, Amigos!

Greetings! I have been quite busy for the past week, really. And I almost lost my dear camera with all my precious memories within. Thankfully, I got them back from the kind people at Singapore Art Cafe. They have apparently left a note for me when they shut the cafe for the day because they knew I was catching a play.

Anyways, firstly, I want to shout out a THANK YOU to all my friends for the wonderful time I had on Saturday. Further, thanks for all the lovely lovely presents, surprises, smses, comments, msn-greetings, dinner and lunch treats through the past week. Indeed, I feel very blessed and loved.

So, on Saturday, apparently there was some grand scam going around, oblivious to me. I know I have invited some friends over for a small gathering. I also noticed my shopping kakis like Alan and Sandy furtively texting on their cell phones a whole load. Imagine my surprise when I stepped into my bedroom to have a group of my pals screaming "SURPRISE!!!" amidst a pretty collection of blue and silver balloons.

Although I must add that the group of them looked quite stunned to see me enter the room, and their shouts came like a good 3 seconds later.

The wonderful ladies in charge of the surprise

The shopping guys

Oh, who can forget my beloved poochy?

Well, so after that really pleasant surprise, we marched out to the poolside to have a little feast. Some smart alecks suggested tying balloons to my ponytail.

Jane prepared matching table cloth, plates, cups and even napkins. Unfortunately, Alan cleverly put the napkins to use by soaking up our wet benches.

The early guests!

Sandy has sweetly purchased chocolate ganache babycakes from half-baked ideas. Mmm...

My favorite babes

Soon, the ladies went back home to get more food. I was happily chomping my chicken wings when the guys started insinuating any notion of dunking me in the pool. I was still quite nonchalant as I am under the impression that we are all mature 27 year-olds, unlike the hyper Junior College kids we were a decade ago. Hence, I'm like "Oh please, give me a break." yadayada and continued chomping on my poultry.

Next thing I realized, the guys were menacingly advancing towards me and despite flinging my chicken wing bones at Clarence's face, I got dunked into the bloody pool.

Brr, 'tis was a cold night and I was wearing white, hello!

Samantha, unfortunately arrived to see me get dunked into the depths of water unglamorously.

Nevertheless, Mumsy came along and gave the guys a good telling-off. I hopped back home for a change of clothes and a little drying up.

I came back, all toasty and nice. Looksy, a new cake from Tiramasutra!

Ahh, my pretty little babes. Slurp.

Ahh, my handsome little hunks. Burp.

Well, thinking my mum has given the culprits an appropriate telling-off, that I have a complete change of clothes and that we all have a nice cake to eat, I was under the false illusion I was quite safe from any harm. Now, looking at this picture, I am suddenly enlightened regarding the hazardous sitation I was in.

Note the evil menaces loitering behind, trying their darnest to remain conspicuous.

At first, I was blissfuly oblivious.

Then, I suddenly heard conspiratory whispers behind and decided to show them I am not to be trifled with.

Notice I armed myself with a spoon. COME LAH COME LAH, I WILL STAB YOU WITH MY SPOON!

Okay, whatever, resistance is obviously futile.

I was actually thinking - What the F...

Here, I was trying to get Jane to suffer the same fate. But she sure is one hell of a fighter.

Jane launches into some speech regarding why she should not get thrown into the pool.

Hence, another victim had to be sacrificed.

I was gleefully directing Cynthia to be dunked.

But then, sometimes karma comes back and bites you in the ass. That's what happened to me. After they dunked Cynthia, it's me back into the boiling pot.

This is me trying to remove all electronic appliances from Jane. Teehee.

Somehow, despite being spared from being dunked into the pool by the merciful me, Jane still found it within her conscience to slam the rest of the unfinished Tiramisu cake on my face.



Of course, in between, we had stupid games again and countless hilarious moments where Clarence decided to remove his t-shirt for us all to ogle at.

The aftermath was alot of cake on my hair and underwear. Thanks alot, guys.

Bro and me

Well, other birthday adventures to be updated in a separate post. Once again, gracias amigos!


Anonymous Toukarin said...

Oooh. Nice pics. Looks like the guys really didn't spare you at all despite the fact that errr... you're not a guy. Heh.

But it's nice lah... doesn't feel like you're 27 rite? More like 17.

Oh yah, Happy Birthday again too!

1:33 PM  
Blogger Diet Coke Lover said...

I just have this huge feeling that this might be the best birthday in 10 years. Hee.

Isn't it fun?! We should do this again in 10 years time.

9:56 PM  
Anonymous Cat said...

wah, i love the balloons all gathering at the ceiling in ur room!

anyhoo, it must be a fun 27th birthday celebration.. thanks to ur sweet frens! =)

10:38 AM  
Blogger jellybeano said...

Yeah, my friends are the bestest. Thanks for all the wishes! :)

7:06 PM  

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