Wednesday, July 25, 2007


I have been burying my nose on the new Potter book with every opportunity I can, so much that I think I am cut off from all other readings including blogs, newspapers and magazines. I am a no-lifer!

It is quite freaky to realize Daniel Redcliffe's birthday is the same as mine. You are talking about Harry Potter here, you know! And J. K. Rowling seemingly likes the month of July, probably because she was born on 31st July.

Other than that, I feast. The gluttony continues! Die already lah.

Last Thursday, Weijie treated me to dinner at Sun with Moon Japanese Dining at Wheelock. I think the meal was really quite delectable.

I love the fried cheese that melts coyingly in your mouth. The spring onion and porky pancake thingy was rather heavy on the stomach, though.

We also had this hot plat of crab and spinach which kept sputtering its gravy at us until the alarmed waitresses took it away.

There was also a beef with rice bamboo thingy which is really quite tasty. We also ordered a sweet box with 4 assortment of desserts. Yum.

Friday, it was Ballet Under the Stars for us. Isabelle came up with the grand idea of watching a ballet (which isn't really my cup of tea) and decided to bail on us because she forgot she had some prior hot date. So, eventually, the 4 of us who turned up are really quite ignorant about ballets. Nevertheless, why would we miss out on the chance to feast and picnic?

Sandy got me a really good chocolate cake from Canelé Pâtisserie Chocolaterie . This is one of the best chocolate cake I ever tasted.

Pardon the retard who rather eats the flowers than the cake, teehee.

There were tonnes of people waiting for the dance to start. I can't say I understand ballet much, though.

But we did have fun wearing funny hats!

And the food was plentiful as usual, and the champagne I bought from Carrefour was good!

Me, Emmie, Sandy and Alan

Amazingly, Alan won a t-shirt in a lucky draw but it is a tad too small for him. We tried to cajole him to put it on and join the men in tights on the stage but he declined. Boo!

Okay, plenty of retarded pictures with party hats. Here is how creative we got...


Hyuck! Chun Li!

Pheeweet! Madonna!

Looky, the demurest jester one can get.

Twinkle Twinkle little star!

After the performance, we strolled past a very nifty looking National Museum. It really looks quite contemporary now. Impressive overhaul, I say.

On Sunday afternoon, we re-caught the Harry Potter movie because we had free tickets! Woohoo. Lunchypoos was a treat from Alan at Shin Kushiya Japanese charcoal grill restaurant within the vast Vivocity premises.

In the evening, I caught the performance of The Seagull by Anton Chekhov, presented by Singapore Repertory Theatre in collaboration with Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay. Well, it wasn't as funny as any of the local productions I have caught and being a drama sort of play, it was rather dry. However, it is truly enthralling to see Gandalf or Magneto in skin. Sir Ian Mckellan is a hoot!

My companion unfortunately fell asleep in the first part of the play. Thank goodness he wasn't snoring. After the play ended and my whole my-camera-is-lost saga, there ain't many restaurants left. We had a late supper at Oscar's, a restaurant at The Conrad Hotel, but it really wasn't anything commendable.

Monday's lunch was a treat from Jervais and he managed to direct me to my favorite Watermelon Sorbet from Haato! I never thought I could taste it again since the people at Haato informed me they are taking it off their menu. I think the guys at Haato were exasperated when we ordered 3 whole pints of Watermelon Sorbet.

Dinner was at Galbati with the family. We ordered a huge assortment of italian food and the variety was largely authentic fare.

Quiche and bread basket

Stuffed Portebellos. Mmm.

Our pasta included some ganocche with four cheese, aglio olio, ravoli with meat sauce. We also ordered beef goulash and smoked chicken. What gluttony.





Okay, now the glutton needs to go work her ass off to get rid of the fats.


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