Monday, July 30, 2007

Don't You Just Love Sundays?

Since we were too late in booking Sunday's wakeboarding slot, we were unable to have any action at Punggol Marina. What a disappointment! Hence, we decided to venture into the the backward realms of Pulau Ubin.

Rousing myself up at an ungodly hour of 8 in the morning isn't fun, especially when you account for the fact I slept at 3 in the morning the night before. Gees. Nevertheless, we were able to board the bumboat for the island, consequently reaching at 11am. The skies were overcast and ominous.

Anyway, Adeline's boyfriend, Mark bought a new waterproof camera. For some reason, the photos they uploaded are all in landscape lah. So if you wanna view the pictures in a portrait manner, please tilt your head to the left. When you finally develop a sore neck, please direct complains to Adeline.

Update: Okay, I think there is something about this Kodak Gallery that fails to load the pictures to people who doesn't sign in to view the pictures. So hey, if you are really interested in the pictures, you can look at the slideshow here. When you click back right here, you might be able to view the pictures. I'm not too sure. Hmm.

We didn't really have to wait long to board a bumboat. 2 buckeroos each way!

Adeline displays her glee upon disembarkment.

Welcome to Pulau Ubin!

The sight of reaaaaally aged vehicles greeted us. You can't get anymore vintage than this.

Here we are, gathering information on how to get around.

We rented the old bikes for about 6 buckeroos for the whole darn day. Quite a steal, I must say. There is no need to rent the spanking new bikes because the trails are strewn with really sharp stones and your bike is just gonna get really muddy at the end of the day. At least, might did.

Onwards we go!

Halfway towards cycling to Chek Jawa, the skies turned really dark and it started to pour.

We reached the entrance of Chek Jawa, where cyclists aren't permitted. Hence, we left our bikes and explored on foot.

As we explored the mangrove swamps, we still managed silly pictures in the drizzle.

Then, the drizzle crescendo-ed to the ultimate downpour. We were thoroughly soaked and cold. Yet, Mark's waterproof camera proved undefeatable. It can go to a depth of 10 metres you know, Adeline proffered.

A bunched of drenched chickens

The downpour was so great that the map I had thoroughly disintegrated in my hands into at least 6 pieces.

If there is a most compatible couple contest, I am so gonna submit this.

In the downpour, we can hardly see any of the preserved corals of Chek Jawa. The sea was absolutely churning and it looks like a perfect scene where a tsunami is pending.

Adeline does the perfect star jump!

Unable to see anything through the glass panels on the floor, we tried to provide our own entertainment by spoofing starfishy reflections upon them.

Mark did look quite miserable, huddling to himself in the rain. Each time we met with an uphill path while cycling, the girls would try their darnest to conquer it while Mark would mutter 'WHY MAKE YOURSELF SUFFER???' before disembarking to push his bike.

With his dripping wet hair and zen-like 'why endure the sufferings of the world?' look

After exploring Chek Jawa, we cycled back near the jetty to have our lunchypoos at the First Stop Ubin restaurant. We tried to attempt the exotic and ordered wild boar...

Me: Can we have claypot wild boar please
Waitress: Aiya, sorry no wild boar. Durian season over, so no wild boar!
Me: Huh, why?
Waitress: Wild boars eat durians already go to sleep. So no wild boars to catch.
Me: Wah, wild boars eat durians!
Waitress: Yah, they eat durians one.
Me: How do they open the durian husks?!
Waitress: HA! I also want to know leh. But we always catch them in traps.

So er, that marks the failure of our exotic cuisine attempt. :(

After lazing around at the restaurant, freezing my ass off in my wet things, we finally got going to explore the quarries in Pulau Ubin.

Enroute to look for the German Girl Shrine, we stopped by several quaint spots for photo-taking.

*pant pant* Uphills!

And we found the ultimate cool lavatory. I love it!

We saw a doggy guarding a grave.

Getting alittle disoriented along the way... Figuring out the maps...

Finally, at about 3pm, we embarked the bumboat for our journey back to not-so-sunny Singapore.

Ah, more food explorations at Changi Village. MMmmm.


Despite our exhaustion, we were still incredible crazed enough to bring our muddy selves down to the Botanic Gardens for the Garden Party. The first part of the performance was a bore, with people dispensing salsa moves. Yawn.

However, we perservered past the boring salsa dances and New York based jazz vocalist Nerissa Campbell finally gave a fantastic jazz performances, including my favorite bossa nova tunes. Awesomeeeee. She managed to make our boring-sounding national songs so much snazzier too.

A sea of red and white.

The mad people

As if this isn't mad enough, I still managed to rush home for a shower and warm dinner with the family, before heading out for The Simpsons movie which was an absolute hoot. It was superbly hilarious. Do catch it!


Blogger Luna said...

Can't see the fun photos at Ubin :( Only the botanical garden's photos turned up. wah.. u really had a long sunday :)

8:33 AM  
Blogger jellybeano said...

Oh you can't? Hmm, I have no idea why? My friend uploaded those pictures because he used his camera...

Botanic Gardens I used mine. Strange, I can see them though!

3:36 PM  
Anonymous Cat said...

oh hmm i cant see the ubin pics too

4:14 PM  
Blogger eha said...

i can only see the slideshow. oh well.

12:50 PM  
Anonymous Cat said...

eh so long no update!

5:44 PM  

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