Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Sandy Surprise!

The initial plan was to have a MacDonalds Surprise party where I will cheat Sandy into the fast food joint with me before having a group of friends springing on her. Unfortunately, Samantha told me MacDonalds wasn't going to entertain any party request unless there is a one month prior booking. With that idea down the drain, I had to rapidly improvise, finally thickening my skin enough to approach the friendly managers at Hooked, the fishy restaurant across my place, for a location to hold a party.

On Sunday, Samantha and I rushed like mad dogs down to The Concourse to purchase the balloons and party decorations. I drove like a maniac to meet the girls back at Hooked. Somewhere between trying to squeeze the balloons into the car and finding my lost car in the carpark, I almost went berserk.

After some discussion on which party deco go where, I am off to fetch the Birthday Girl from her home. But first, I must ensure my maniac-flyaway hair is in check and plastered upon a look of nonchalance and calm on my face.

The going-ons whilst I did my chaffeuring job...

Alan gets ready for the big scare.

Well, my plan did go quite well. Being the bad liar I am, I managed not to burst out laughing while pretending I wanted to buy sushi from a Ramen store beside the Fishy Restaurant. As such, I was able to make Sandy walk with me, initially planning to point the 'Happy Birthday Sandy!' on the glass panel out to her. However, little did I know Alan was going to leap out from the side, making all of us jumped right out from our skins.

And so the jester turned on the (rather tacky) sparkling crown and bestowed it upon Sandy's head.

Eh, look like beauty queen kena crowned hor?

Operation Surprise Sandy is a success!

Whee Wheet!

The participants!

Sandy just can't get over the shock!

Sandy with the babes

Sandy with the guys

Okay, my dinner of the pan-roasted cod fish was superb. Yum. Our after-dinner entertainment included helium-sucking AGAIN and this time, all of us seemed more like experts. Jane's rendition of Happy Birthday was hilarious.

We proceeded to play with sparklers outside the restaurant too. A bunch of overgrown kids in their late twenties. We must be attracting dozens of weird stares!

Here's the Birthday Babe and me!

Hope you had an awesome time turning 27!

Well, on a side note, here are some photos from the gathering at my house on Saturday where we witness, again, 20somethings getting thrilled by my fishing game.

I think Adeline was quite good in the game, and so you witness David on the left giving up completely. Mark, on the right, gave up shortly. Therefore, Adeline is left to compete with Eugene.

Just when I think the games I buy can't be anymore sillier, I spotted the Futsbal Miniature table at the place which sold the party decos. It was going for a grand 3 buckeroos! What a steal!


Blogger Adeline said...

haha sandy and YOU really look surprise! more like shocked..damn funny.. u keep going back to hooked. no wonder u are VIP there. yea!! me is the best fishergurl!

12:14 AM  
Blogger jellybeano said...

yeah yeah! you are the best fishergurl. Next time try the futsbol table... see if we can thrash the guys! wahaha.

10:16 PM  
Anonymous anywool said...

wah hooked again! v regular lehs hehe.. anyway it has been a year since Ollie. wahahahaha happy bday sandy!

10:10 AM  

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