Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Not-So-Funny Cab Experience

This morning, my boss and I hurried to hail a cab to SPRING Singapore for a meeting. As we entered the cab, the driver greeted us in a jolly way. After we directed him to our destination, we continued the business conversation between us.


Cab Driver: Do you want to go to SPRING Singapore?
Boss and I: Yes, SPRING Singapore at Bukit Merah.
Cab Driver: Okay! I stop the cab and you can walk there.
Boss and I: ???
Cab Driver: Ahahahahaha. Do you get the joke?

(after a pause)

Boss: Ahahaha. Not really.
Cab Driver: You all want to go to SPRING Singapore right?
Boss: Yes?
Cab Driver: I stop the cab, and you all can go there lor!

We threw quizzical glances at each other.

Cab Driver: Ahahahahaha. Do you all still not get the joke?
Boss: No. Should we walk there?
Cab Driver: No, no, it's a joke. (Repeats the "joke" for the 3rd time)

After hearing it for the 5th time and not understanding the joke...

Boss: Okay, we would like you to take us to SPRING Singapore.
Cab Driver: Ahhhh, that's the difference!

I plastered looks of "duh" all over my face for a bit.

Cab Driver: Are you guys boyfriend and girlfriend?

I choked loudly and almost died.

Boss: Er, no we are colleagues.
Me: He is my BOSS.
Cab Driver: You are girl and his friend, right? So, you are his girlfriend!
Me: ...
Cab Driver: He is boy and your friend, right? So, he is your boyfriend!
Me: ...
Cab Driver: So, I always tell my frinds I have many girlfriends but only one wife.

Wah lao. Taxi uncle's jokes need to be improved, man.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

haha give him credit for trying -adeline

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