Sunday, December 20, 2009

Here, Fishy Fishy

Mr F has related to me his Christmas wishlist this year - amongst which is an aquarium. Apparently, he got rather inspired by the aquarium kept in the condominium premises and has pointed out a clownfish as a favorite.

After much research, I decided a clownfish, being a saltwater fish and all, may be too much trouble afterall. We did an exploratory research trip to one aquarium store at Sunset way, but the lady was extremely unfriendly and curt.

Today, we wandered two more shops, embarked on several intensive mini-conferences and discussions, before finally deciding on our purchase from PolyArt Aquarium Supplies at Clementi Avenue 2, where an enthusiastic uncle gave advice at rapid pace.

Buy this one, good ok.

We had differing opinions from different shops and we consequently chose an integrated tank, with lights, pumps and filters all installed for convenience. The fishies are cheap, but the accessories are pricey!

$2 for one goldfish... My fish and chips from the food court costs more!

Mr F swiftly picked up 2 goldfish and we christened them Georgie and Georgina.

Say hello, Georgie and Georgina!

We hurried home with our purchases to "prepare" the water for Georgie and Georgina. The salinity of the water needs to be altered, chemicals for fish protection needs and salt for pH-modification have to be added... Phew!

Mr F sets up a spanking new habitat for the Gs.

We further picked out "furnishing" for their new home. Initially, we wanted a picturesque landscape with seaweed, ornaments and pebbles at the bottom. However, the Aquarium uncle sagely dispensed advice on how goldfish may swallow pebbles and it is actually best to keep the tank's floor as sparse as possible. Quite stupid, huh, fishes?

So, we ended up choosing a few plasticky sea-plants so that the goldfish can play hide-and-seek Bollywood style.

Behold the Bollywood-wannabe gardenscape!

After treatment of the water, we obediently ran the aquarium for half an hour to achieve the correct conditions for the grand migration.

The Gs eagerly awaits their new abode.

Georgina: Hey, Georgie, your fins are shaking.
Georgie: I know! It's that darn Mr F. He takes forever to migrate us!

After what seems like forever, it's time.

When they arrived in the new tank, they sunk right to the bottom and started sniffing around.

Hey, Georgina, check out this tall sea-plant man.

Hello, World!


Blogger musette said...

The cartoon looks sooo cute!

I think a print out of this will make just as good a present for Mr. F. And he can be rest assured that the goldfish will live on forever!

10:45 AM  
Blogger Babe said...

haha, ya, so cute :P i like goldfishes and used to have them, but they never last long enough ..sobs...take good care of yours!!!

12:51 PM  
Blogger michelle mei xue said...

finally some fresh updates from you. i thot your blog is dead. haha.. HOHOHO!

5:31 PM  
Blogger jellybeano said...

ahaha, i will update my blog when i'm free-r lah. georgie and georgina has survived 3 days!

11:53 PM  

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