Monday, October 08, 2007

Quizás, Quizás, Quizás

Things are kinda slow at work on a Monday morning. Relatively, I would say time is literally crawling, as compared to the weekend that just whizzed past.

Well, I would like to shout my thanks to all who made a trip down to visit us at the St James' Power House Flea Market! Although our allocated stall was at a dark and dank crabhole where everyone dread to enter, we had plenty of very nice kopi-girls and boys who donated food to us. Jane was the super salesperon of the day, diligently greeting every potential sale while I was happy to lounge away in a dark corner, feasting upon my snacks, playing my futsbol table or fiddling with my paper ball plastered with scotch tape. It is no surprise my sales tallied up to a grand total of SIX BUCKEROOS. *Ding ding*

Pictures are with Jane again, of course.

On Movies-Watched updates, Nannies' Diaries was merely passable. I abhor watching chick flicks, by the way. I think it put ridiculous expectations into people's heads. I mean, come on, what are the probabilities of a rich hunky guy falling in love with a geeky nanny? Get real!

Chuck and Larry is better, at least inducing some laughs from a very jaded soul in me. Dang, is there something remotely wrong that I should enjoy a dude's movie more so than a chick flick?

Anyways, a good Monday to you folks.


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