Monday, December 10, 2007

The Race Continues

Unfortunately, St Paul Minneapolis was even colder than Ithaca. It was -17 degree C. The cold was so bitter it cuts through every exposed bit of your skin. My ungloved hands which were exposed for about few minutes while carrying some shopping bags to the car (Sandy, you'd better appreciate your bag more!) were painfully cracked and pierced by the cold. It was quite an excruciating experience. In fact, it was too cold to even walk a block or two in the open. So, I left St Paul pretty much unexplored.

We took a flight from Minneapolis to Chicago where we spent a Saturday. I love Chicago! I was there last year on my own after a conference and thoroughly love the ease of being able to walk around and explore the city. I did tonnes of Christmas shopping and for myself. The variety of stuff there is astonishing! I revisted Millenium Park and Cloud Gate. I always enjoy the feel of winter at this time of the year. I think it adds quite a bit to the Christmas atmosphere. :)

The hotel in Chicago is awesome. I shall upload pictures to show ya why. It is called W Chicago City Center, a welcome change from all the business hotels we have been putting up at. This is more of a boutique designer hotel and I like it!

Currently, I am at Urbana-Champaign after a 3-hour drive down icy roads. This is after a minor hiccup in Chicago when the hotel manager came to me and solemnly announced that our valet-parked car has been broken into. On the bright side, the hotel is taking responsibility for all of this and all we needed to do was to tuck into our complimentary lunch while waiting for them to arrange for a replacement vehicle. It isn't so bad, really.

The experience, however, further tarnished the reputation of the city for my colleagues who were afraid of exploring within 1 block of the hotel even before this incident. They were amazed I actually ventured very far into the city, to the Magnificent Mile of Chicago. Sometimes, Singaporeans are somewhat afraid to step out of their comfort zones, I guess.

Anyhoo, updates later.


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Yes, I'll cherish the bag AND you much much more! Many many thanks!!! *muuuuuack*

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