Thursday, December 06, 2007

Freezing My Toes Off

It has been a tiring 3 days since Monday, from a long 18-hour flight, 2-hour ride to Hotel at Armonk. Many hours spent on roadtrips through Yale University, 3Com and finally to Boston. After Harvard University and MIT today, we are off from Boston to the freezing town of Ithaca which houses Cornell University.

I came down from the puny jet to flurries of snowflake. The airport played "Welcome to the Winter Wonderland" as I entered. How entirely apt.

There is no need for any directions on which belt to claim your lugguage because there is only one baggage belt. It is -10 degree celsius here.

This feels like The Amazing Race.

Off to Minneapolis tomorrow. I hope it gets a little warmer. Brr.


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